27 Ways to Decorate Your RV for The Holidays

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27 Ways To Decorate Your RV For The Holidays

Waggin’ Tail Ranch RV Resort | December 10, 2020

Winter is coming.

And with winter, comes the holiday season. The holidays are known for family traditions passed down through the years. However, this year you have made a big change- you are celebrating the holidays in your RV!

Suddenly, some of your traditional decorations simply will not fit in your limited living space, let alone make the cut to have a place in your limited onboard storage.

This is a time to start new holiday decoration traditions, and traditions that suit your new RV lifestyle and still spread the warmth and cheer that this season is known for. After all, what is really important every holiday season? Celebrating with the people you love.

Together, you, your family, and your friends can create new space-friendly holiday decoration traditions.

Here are some space-saving holiday RV decoration ideas to get you started:

1. Themed quilts and blankets

Some cozy, themed blankets can go a long way toward decorating the inside of your RV for the holiday season. You’re guaranteed to feel the spirit of the season when you snuggle up with some hot cocoa under your seasonal bedding.


2. Craft snowflakes out of popsicle sticks

DIY’ers rejoice! You can create your own holiday decorations out of popsicles. You can recreate these snowflakes each season so you will not have to store them year-round. Plus, this can be a fun group activity! This could be a new yearly tradition.

3. Display stockings on a ladder to save space

Ladders have a small footprint, so they are a great way to spice up your interior for the holidays. Hang your stockings on the rungs, add some lights, and voila!


4. Exterior LIGHTS!

You knew this was coming. You can decorate the outside of your RV or trailer with lights just like you would with your house. There may be less real estate to hang the lights, but this means you can get creative in ways you could not with your “sticks and bricks” house.

5. Turn your fridge into a snowman with magnets

Not only is a fridge snowman adorable, but it takes up absolutely no space! All you need are some magnets, glue and construction paper.


6. Use string and a tension rod to hang ornaments in the window

This decoration idea will not take up too much space in storage. You can use it instead of a tree to hang your keepsake ornaments that bring back the best memories from past holidays.


7. Use garland instead of a traditional tree

You can hang a garland from the wall as a super-skinny tree replacement to gather presents around.


8. Use a tabletop tree

Although you do not have much counter space to work within an RV, a tabletop tree is a worthy sacrifice for the holiday season. Mini trees like the one pictured are easy to find both live and artificial.


9. Put your tree outside

As with so many aspects of RV living, you can move to the outdoors! Setting up your tree outside is a great way to conserve indoor space. Having a tree outside does not mean that the interior will be lacking; after all, you can see the tree through your windows.


10. Draw a holiday message on a chalkboard sign

You can draw a holiday message on a chalkboard sign. When the holidays are over, redo the sign for the next season! Not artistic? You can transfer a premade design onto your chalkboard by following along this video.


11. Swap out your pillow covers for festive covers

This is an easy way to spice up your interior decor for the festive season. Pillow covers also do not take up too much space in storage, making this a doable switch for RVers.


12. Put up some printable wall decor in cheap frames

You can purchase cheap frames or get a clipping hanger like the one pictured. When the season is over, you can switch the art for a new picture making this a space-saving decor hack.


13. Use a holiday light projector

Using a holiday light projector can be a more efficient way to decorate your RV exterior for the holidays. You will only have to store a single electronic instead of strings and strings of lights.


14. Festive Mason Jar Candles

DIYers and buyers alike can use mason jars as holiday decor. You can make your own or purchase premade holiday-themed mason jars. Even better, add a candle for extra holiday spirit.


15. Use a collapsable Christmas Tree

This super skinny collapsible Christmas tree is a great purchase for the holidays that you can use every year. It has a small footprint, making it easy to incorporate into your RV’s floor plan.


16. Stencil window decorations with aerosol spray snow

When decorating for the holidays in a small space, you have to get creative with everything you have got to work with including the windows. Whip up a few stencils, spray some snow and you have some festive windows!


17. Festive window boxes

If you feel savvy enough to attach window boxes to your RV, this can be a great exterior decoration for the holidays.

18. Collect pine sprigs or other festive foliage for a festive vase

Use what is around you! Look for foliage around the campsite or on hikes that have the dark greens and reds that are so festive. No plants around? Check out your local farmers market; they usually have some options you can purchase, like eucalyptus sprigs.

19. Hang a grouping of stars on the wall

Stars are festive too! This is a premade wall hanging, however, you could craft your own with some string, cardboard, and metallic spray paint. This is also very small, making it easy to store year-round in your limited storage onboard the RV.


20. Use Poinsettias instead of a tree

What are the most traditional holiday decorations? A fir tree, stockings, and Poinsettias. The vibrant red tones of these flowers definitely bring the holiday spirit to the interior of your RV. Plus, you can replace the usual tree with this smaller flower for a space-saving holiday hack.


21. Decorate a ladder with garland

Double up a holiday-themed ladder with a tree replacement by decking it out with garland and lights. Plus, you can keep the ladder year-round to store blankets.


22. Make your cards part of your decor

Feel close to your family and friends even when traveling. This card display uses eucalyptus, making it a calming and festive display. You can also hang cards with a simple string or ribbon instead. Plus, your cards will not clutter surfaces around your RV.


23. Hang lights in the windows

These star-shaped window lights do double duty: they can be seen from both inside and outside your RV. Your onboard storage has room for such hard-working decorations.


24. Hang ribbons or wreaths on the back of cabinets

If there is one thing RVs have plenty of, it’s cabinets. Use ribbon to hang wreaths from the backs of the cabinet doors.


25. Dress up your chairs with wreaths

You can match your cabinets with this easy hack for your camp chairs.


26. Substitute a branch for a tree

Who said you need an entire tree? You can forage for a small branch you can set up on its end as a tiny tree. You can use the branch of any tree for this; you could even use a little cactus. The creative direction is yours to decide!


27. Craft a mini tree out of a pinecone

Ok, one more craft. Cones are available out in the wild or at your local crafts store. Paint one green, stick it in a tiny pot and you have the cutest little Christmas tree!

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