Keeping Kids Entertained On A Cold RV Trip

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keeping the kids entertained on a cold rv trip

31 January 2021

You know that traveling with children involves more planning, period. But what do you do when it is too cold outside for your 
kids to play outside? RV’s can become cramped when you and your family have to shelter inside.
The good news is that there are lots of activities to do indoors to entertain your kids. Winter outdoor activities can 

become something your child looks forward to all year. All you need to do is make sure you have the right equipment.

Let’s start with indoor activities that you and your kids can do in the RV.


Girl Holding Painted Rocks
Image via shares this idea (and more) for an RV friendly craft for your kids. All you’ll need to store on your rig is the paint 

because you can find the rocks at each campsite. Brave the cold weather for the rock hunt and then decorate at the kitchen table. 

Plus, your kids will have keepsakes of each campsite to remember the fun trip our family took!

Picture containing person, wall, indoor
Image via

If it interests your child, knitting can be a great activity! Learning to knit can be the perfect cold-weather activity. Not only are 

their hands busy and their creativity engaged, but the final product can help keep them warm! Check out this guide to teaching 

your child to knit fromThe Spruce Crafts!


Two children cooking
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Cooking is a fun activity you can do with your kids in the RV. Although the RV does not have a full kitchen, you can still 

include your kids. Your child will learn about fractions and gain lifelong memories with you. And everyone gets a yummy treat 

at the end of the activity! Be sure to check out this article on, “14 Easy Recipes For Cooking With Kids”.


Two Children Playing Cards
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Learning card games is a lifelong skill for your kids and a fun group activity for the whole family. Plus, a couple of packs of 

cards does not take up much space in the limited RV storage. Cold-weather card games provide mental exercise and 

family bonding. This article on Today’s Parent can help you find the best card games to start teaching your kids today!


Locations With Winter Activities

It is vital to choose a location that is fun for your kids regardless of the weather! Your family will have many more 

options to keep the boredom at bay if there are cold-weather-appropriate activity options near the campground.


Theme Parks:

Theme Park
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It is a good idea to research prospective theme parks and make sure there is a nearby campground. Disney World even 

has its own campground called Fort Wilderness. Many theme parks are open during the winter (check out this list), and 

you can be sure of a day of fun.


Winter Sports:

Child Snow Skiing
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There are so many choices for winter sports for your kid to try out! Your children get the mental activity of learning a new skill, 

and the evenings in the confines of the RV will be easier after a day of playing outside.


Choose a campground near an ice skating rink or ski resort to try out skating, skiing or snowboarding. Some other options include snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ice biking. For more information on each activity and what equipment you’ll need, 

check out this article on


People on a Tube in the Snow
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Perhaps your kids are too young for skiing or snowboarding. In that case, try out tubing! This quintessential winter activity 

is fun for most ages and can provide hours of entertainment. Plus, your kids will be burning off quite a lot of energy! Check 

out this list of the best tubing parks across the US.

With some creativity, RV camping can be fun for the whole family– all year!e