National Dog Day

National Dog Day

August 26, 2020

It’s National Dog Day! Today is the celebration of all dogs of every breed, whether pure bred or mixed breeds. Big or small it covers them all. Dogs enrich our lives so much every day so it is suffice to say today they need to be celebrated. All dogs deserve a kind and loving home free from abuse and neglect. Sadly, at times that is not the case and many dogs wind up in shelters. In fact, shelter dogs are the reason for National Dog Day observation. For more on the founding of National Dog Day you can visit this site. For dog lovers owning a dog means that they have adopted a new family member into their lives. Dogs truly are mans’ best friend. We seek them for comfort, security, and enjoyment. Dogs have a special way of making you feel loved and appreciated unlike any other. They simply love being part of your pack and want to please you at all costs. It is only fair that we return the favor.

We know everyone who has a four legged bestie is celebrating in style today. Whether you are getting your pal a special treat, or taking extra time to play and exercise with them today, dogs all over the world are being celebrated. With hugs and kisses, tilted heads and wagging tails, it is sure to be a great day! With social media today, timelines are flooded with cute pictures of their pups wearing outfits, accessories which highlight their dogs’ humorous or loving sides. How do you celebrate your best friend?

Maybe you have decided that it is time to get a dog and you have began your search for a certain breed of dog, please consider when looking for any breed of dog that you adopt and don’t shop. There are so many wonderful companions that are waiting on their forever home sitting in shelters every day just hoping to be a part of your family. Check with local shelters to see what types of breeds that they have before shopping for one through a breeder, puppy mills or pet stores. Shelter dogs have increasingly proven to be some of the greatest dogs that families have ever owned.

How to Observe #NationalDogDay

There are so many ways that you can observe National Dog Day included those previously mentioned but let’s take a look at some other ways you can show your appreciation for the furry companion in your life.

  • Post photos of them on social media with the hastag #NationalDogDay
  • Take them to their favorite places.
  • Play with them ensuring they get plenty of exercise.
  • Make sure their vaccinations are current, schedule a routine check-up if at the vet.
  • Buy them special treats or toys.
  • Go for a ride, roll the window down, and let them take in the sights and smells.
  • Adopt, don’t shop!
  • Volunteer with your local shelter.

For more information on National Dog Day or finding a dog at your local shelter visit the site for National Dog Day for a list of their rescue partners.

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